Open Lifeguard Award

The Openwater Lifeguard Award (OLA), previously referred to as the Freshwater Proficiency Award (FPA), is the standard qualification required to perform rivers, lakes and dams lifeguard duties, be those in a voluntary or professional role.

The training is structured to provide the candidates with the relevant skills needed to execute rescues in the open water environment and if required, deliver basic first aid and resuscitation assistance.

Course Entry Requirements

Physical Requirements

Successful candidates will need to be able to complete the following open water swimming and rescue simulation evaluation activities, displaying a fair level of fitness and ability.

Course Content

Course Duration

A minimum period of 45 hours (7 - 9 days) of instruction is required per course.

Candidate Evaluation and Certification

Successful candidates are certified by Lifesaving S.A. Certification is valid for a period of 3 years, pending the successful completion of an annual fitness and resuscitation assessment.



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