Please contact us if you would like to order any of the following equipment:

Rescue Board

The rescue board is used extensively by both openwater and surf lifeguards in
numerous aquatic rescue situations.

The rescue board provides the lifeguard with the means of hastily reaching the drowning victim as well as an effective buoyancy aid to assist with getting the patient safely
back to shore.


Price on request

Inflatable Rescue Boat - IRB

The either 30 or 40 horse power IRB is operated by two advance trained lifeguards and has proven to be the most effective means of conducting large area lifeguard patrols as well as major rescues in challenging surf conditions.


Price on request

Aquatic Spinal Board

The buoyant Aquatic Spinal board is used by trained lifeguards for the extraction of potential head and spinal injury patients from swimming pool, open water and surf rescue situations.


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Resuscitation & CPR Kit

Comprehensive, compact and durable resuscitation kit for Lifeguards, First Aiders and Basic Life Support providers.

Kit includes Carry Case, Gloves, Bag Mask Resuscitator, Pocket Mask and OP Airways.

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Torpedo Buoy (RTB)

The unique rescue torpedo buoy appearance and design provides instant public recognition for patrolling lifeguards.

The RTB is very effective in both surf and open water rescues and provides the casualty with flotation and security while being assisted back to safety.


Price on request

Flexible Rescue Tube (FRT)

The ideal Lifeguard rescue tool for use in swimming pools, waterparks and inshore rescue boats during conscious and unconscious patient rescues.

The soft foam design of the equipment allows for safer patient approach, reliable floatation and clear Lifeguard branding opportunities.


Price on request

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